The purpose of this document is to inform about the adjustments and practices adopted by our resort for the 2022 season based on currently available decrees issued by the Italian Government.

All information is promptly updated pending the evolving of the emergency and related directives issued by governing bodies, which might in some cases change what has thus far been planned.

The ample spaces available both indoors and outdoors, for instance the large, shared spaces and the 23 hectares (230,000 square metres) of surrounding land, allow us to ensure our guests a personal distancing that goes well beyond directives. All our refreshment points provide large outdoor spaces, and in those few areas of possible density, we take all the necessary measures and precautions in order to ensure the correct distancing by means of a detailed corporate prevention protocol. We have always taken hygiene and cleanliness rules very seriously and are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of our Guests and collaborators. We are constantly at work to ensure that all hygiene, sanitation, and cleaning guidelines are met so to allow you to spend a peaceful stay in a safe environment, without foregoing the true essence of the Vivosa holiday. 

To this effect, specific steps currently taken by Vivosa are:

  • On-site antigenic swab (extra cost) if desired by the Guest.
  • Pre-check in
  • Outdoor desk to welcome and assist guests throughout the stay.
  • Rooms:
    • All our rooms, which are located over 10 courts separated by gardens, have externalaccess thus avoiding narrow hallways or lifts.
    • Implementation of all sanitation and disinfection protocols for cleaning the rooms, by means of specific sanitation procedures prior to the arrival of each guest and by paying specific attention to frequently touched areas.
    • Removal from the premises of all non-essential items, such as information publications and brochures, pens, and notepads. All informative material will be available in digital format and easily accessible from personal devices.
    • Specific sanitation of remote controls and telephones.
    • Sanitation of key cards.
    • Use of protective masks and gloves by cleaning staff.
  • Shared areas
    • Increased frequency of cleaning, sanitation and disinfection, with particular attention to reception counters, bars and buffets, door handles, and lavatories.
    • Personal distancing Indicators
    • Hand sanitizing gel located throughout shared areas, bars and restaurants.
    • All detergents used in the rooms and shared areas are alcohol-based and have bactericidal and virucidal action, and are provided by the Italian company
    • Air Conditioning:
  • All shared areas air conditioning filter systems will be sanitised and cleaned with increased frequency and with 100% external air intake, meaning there is no air recirculation.
  • The air conditioning systems in the rooms are independent and do not provide shared flows of treated air, in other words, there is no exchange of air between one room and another.
    • Back of House:
    • Increased cleaning frequency in the spaces where employees work “behind the scenes”, paying particular attention to all high-touch areas such as doorways, changing rooms, laundries and staff offices.
    • Staff:
    • Supply of PPE (masks, sanitizing gel and disposable gloves) to all our staff.
    • All staff are monitored regularly through body temperature control and through continuous and regular screening by means of rapid tests.
    • Continuous training on cleaning and hygiene protocols and prompt updates on any information relating to COVID-19 and all related procedures and protocols.
    • Dedicated and separate entrance for suppliers who must follow all the internal dedicated procedures.
    • Food and drinks:
  • Buffets served exclusively by our staff.
  • Reception, storage and preparation of food in accordance with the strictest HACCP guidelines.
  • Disinfectionof fruit and vegetables served raw.
  • Prescribed table distancing
  • Buffets dislocated over several areas with a substantial increase of the offer during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Table service for drinks and aperitifs.
  • Expansion of the extensive outdoor spaces dedicated to refreshments.
  • Tablecloths washed and disinfected by an external professional laundry according to certified procedures.
  • Use of protective masks and disposable gloves during all food processing and production processes, as well as during service.
    • Beach and Swimming pools:
  • Each umbrella on the beach and by the pool will have a surrounding area of at least 10 square meters for its exclusive use and distancing as required by current legislation.
  • Sunbedsare spaced and sanitised daily, as per current legislations.
  • Regular and frequentsanitation and disinfection of common areas, lavatories and showers on the beach.
  • Dedicated Stewards with the scope of aiding and ensure the respect of distancing.
  • In thesolarium of the open-air Spa distancing of at least two metres between people will be ensured.
  • Automatic and constant monitoring system of the chlorine level in swimming pools, set to the highest expected values (1.5 mg / l) - as per current legislation.
  • UVC filters in the water filtering systems aimed at purifying ALL the water of the Resort from viruses and bacteria, including swimming pools.
  • Activities:
    • Yoga, meditation, spinning, Pilatesin small groups in the open-air (as always, but with just a little more distancing). 1 metre distancing for meditation activities and 2 metres for more intense activities are ensured.
    • Tennis, paddle, archery, 1km fitness trail in the pine woods, treetop trail, windsurfing, stand up paddling, water sports and the possibility of individual lessons, always with distancing as per current regulations.
    • Outdoor Fitness Area including equipment spaced according to the rules.
    • Limited access Fitness room.
    • Frequent sanitation and disinfection of equipment and the gym (several times a day).
  • Spa:
    • Exclusively upon booking.
    • Spa personnel wear the prescribed safety equipment.
    • Body temperature control of all guests and operators before each treatment.
    • Hand disinfection by all guests and operators before each treatment.
    • Limited admission.
    • Use of masks provided by the Spa.


  • In accordance with government directives, access to highly hot and humid environments in the Spa, such as the Turkish bath and sauna, is currently prohibited.
  • Evening Entertainment:
    • Outdoors in the Piazza, live musicand shows, with spaced tables.
    • In the outdoor amphitheatre, with spaced and limited seats.
    • Aperitifson the beach.
  • Baby, Mini and Junior Club:
    • For the enjoyment of children and teenagers this year there will be four groups: Baby (2-4 years) Kids Club (4-7 years) Mini Club (8-10 years) and Junior Club (11-17 years).
    • Disinfection of all play equipment and utensils after each activity.
    • Staff wears protective masks.
  • Doctor always available and on-call.
  • To ensure timeliness and control, we have set up a Covid Unit responsible for managing all initiatives related to the protocols implemented in terms of safety and health. The Covid Unit is also available to guests to explain any procedures and clarify doubts.
  • The transfer service from / to the airport, and all our partners follow a strict protocol in terms of health and safety and comply with all legal requirements.

This document is updated in relation to the new provisions in terms of public health. Last update on January 01, 2022.

Access to the spa and gym is restricted to green pass holders, as per law decree 52/2021.