Vivosa Spa, Best Italian Spa 2019, is an oasis of love and care for our guest in complete harmony with the resort. The exclusive and unique rituals of the ancient Mediterranean immerse you in an 'ancestral and timeless world', a return to the origins in contact with nature, a remedy for the body 'worn out' by the stress of work, city routines and busy family life. These rituals will give you all that Salento has to offer through a line of totally organic products 'made with love' exclusively for Vivosa Spa. It is almost as if the earth itself had made this line of cosmetics that combines extracts of healing plants (cannabis sativa, moscata rose and fresh seasonal fruit), the extraordinary extra virgin olive oil and typical wines, such as Negramaro and Malvasia, rich in antioxidants, mineral salts and trace elements. The rituals are named in the dialect of the land that has inspired them (Grecìa Salentina): NUTRIKEO (nourishment) and NANNARIZZO (cradle).

Vivosa Spa also offers a range of massages to promote the well-being of the body through the knowing manipulations of the massage - and physiotherapists of the formidable Vivosa Spa team. Tranquility Aromatic Spa Ritual, a massage that eliminates stress and tension by exploiting the magical power of aromatherapy and essential oils and the deluxe version whith a body wash and a cleansing face mask are among the many solutions available. LomiLomi Nui, a soul massage of Hawaiian origin, aims to relax and tone. Hot Stone Massage is a draining massage with hot lava stones and essential oils of lemon, bitter orange and grapefruit. Tibetan Sound Massage is a practice that is inspired by the Ku Nye, an almost 4 thousand years old tradition, reworked in the form of a ritual massage with essential oils, accompanied by the vibrant sound of Tibetan bells that encourage meditation and eliminate all sources of stress and tension. Vivosa Spa also offers its guests beauty treatments.